Data Logger

Smart Data Logger with IOT support

Supports Multiple Sensors

Supports multiple sensors like voltage sensors, current sensors, energy meters, frequency meters and so on.

Data logging up-to 1 year

All sensors data will be saved for up-to one year.

Export log report at pendrive

Sensor data exported as PDF file format for further investigations.

Alarm at critical point

Whenever our system detects any environmental problem, it triggers an alarm.

SMS, Email notification

In critical point along with activing an alarm, our system also notifiy with SMS, email as per your requirement.

Online Monitoring

You can monitor your industrial environment through online from anywhere in the world.


An operating procedure of Datalogger

This video is a simple demo of our Datalogger operation.


Production Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring

Real time data that shows if production is on target

Advance Plan Setting

The whole system is controlled by a central PC software and allows complete preprogramming of shift patterns and production rates

Increase Productivity

Productivity increase in your factory

SMS, Email Notification

Instant notification on unexpected situation like machine downtime too long etc.

Online Monitoring

Production process data that you can access from anywhere

Easy to manage

Total production related manual task is easily managable through our system

About Logo
About us

Our main aim of is to automate our lives which could make it more efficient. We offer online/offline industrial remote monitoring & controlling system using best IOT devices.

6+ Years of experience at IOT based solution

We provide customized IOT based industrial solutions according to your requirements


Our Clients

ACME Pharmaceuticals


The ACME Laboratories Ltd. is a leading company for manufacturing world-class and top-quality pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh.

Rainbow Automation


The target of Rainbow Automation is to enhance the coverage and quality of skill and Industrial services through organization.

SS Steel

Steel Manufacturer

We protect the nature through recycling used iron and steels. Technology in our European Production Plant, STS (Italy) which is the pioneer in Bangladesh.

Techno Apogee

Security Solution

Techno Apogee was founded in June 2006 by the current Partners & Directors, who have a wealth of experience in the Security industry.